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Fresh Products HD Scented Hang Tag in four scents
Fresh Products
 HD Scented Hang Tag in four scents

Freshens the air with 100% more fragrance than typical air fresheners. Keeps any area smelling cleaner, longer. Hang from a variety of objects like a stall door stop. toilet handle, etc. For greater placement options, use the suction cups. Also works well in standard fan cabinets. Cut off a piece and put it under the seat in your car or a piece in your vacuum bag. The scent lasts for weeks. VOC compliant in all 50 states. No ozone depleting ingredients. No harmful chemicals to dispose of. Available in 4 fragrances for now- Herbal Mint, Kiwi Grapefruit, Ocean Mist and Mango. Also available in cases of 12 tags. The "ANYWHERE" air freshener. Combine with coordinating scent of urinal screens. Screens are impregnated with enzymes to control soils and odors

Price: $2.07

Part #:
FPEHTS72HM - Herbal Mint
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

FPEHTS72KG - Kiwi Grapefruit
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

FPEHTS72OM - Ocean Mist
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

FPEHTS72MG - Mango
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

Manufacturer: Fresh Products

Multiple quantity discount available. E-mail us for details.

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