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F-Matic Bleach Ring
 Bleach Ring

Fits any toilet, easy installation, cleans hard to reach areas, under the rim spots. Bleach tabs sit in the tank and can harm tank parts. Bleach rings fit underneath the rim, out of sight but very effective. Bleach Ring is the latest in toilet bowl technology, solving multiple problems at once. Features and Benefits: Installs easily in seconds, with no tools required Fits most toilets, oval or round, with tank or tankless Keeps toilet bowls sparkling clean, even in hard to reach, under the rim spots Eliminates a major source of restroom odors

Price: $7.45

Part #:
FMBR100 - White
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

Manufacturer: F-Matic

Multiple quantity discount available. E-mail us for details.

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