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TimeMist Yankee Candle Metered Scents
 Yankee Candle Metered Scents

TimeMist Premium metered air freshener with odor counteractant for automatic dispensers. Six scents by Yankee Candle. MacIntosh Apple, Sage & Cirtus, Home Sweet Home, Clean Cotton. Concentrated, one to two sprays scents an entire room. CAN BE USED MANUALLY.

Price: $7.30

Part #:
TMS81-2150 - MacIntosh Apple
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

TMS81-2200 - Buttercream
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

TMS81-2100 - Clean Cotton
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

TMS81-2300 - Home Sweet Home
CALL TO ORDER - 480.632.7105

Manufacturer: TimeMist

Multiple quantity discount available. E-mail us for details.

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